A crystalline pool and a Mediterranean garden

The 7 x 4 metre infinity pool sits on the edge of the terrace overlooking the forested valley, with water as blue and clear as if scooped from the Seychelles and dropped into a Cretan garden. It catches the eye of passing swallows, and they swoop gracefully to take a refreshing beak-full, judging the surface delicately to avoid a bath. The pool is 1.2m x 2.1m deep.

The mosaic topped table at the edge of the pool, is handy for post-swim drinks and snacks. A magic hour can be spent sipping a late evening gin and tonic watching bats, owls or even pine martens while listening to the sounds of a Greek village carrying over the valley in the still night air. The stars appear in their millions as night falls, undimmed by city light pollution.

Arthur Miller describes the effect in “The Colossus of Maroussi”...  “ Fine weather. Stars now and then soft as geraniums, or hard and splintery like riven pikes.”

At Villa Eleni you will be spoilt for choice when choosing somewhere to relax . There is a special place in the warm sun or cool shade at all times of the day. The terracotta tiled terrace encircles the house, with a pergola on the shady North side. Pines and an ancient olive tree stand near the pool, perfect places to take a book or steal a quiet afternoon snooze.

The gardens of the villa are stocked with an

abundance of flowers, shrubs, herbs and fruit trees, including oranges, lemons, guava, loquat, fig, almond and pomegranate for picking in the appropriate season. Wild herbs,

flowers and orchids grow between the olive trees on the old olive terraces below the house, and this area is home to hedgehogs, badgers and a family of Cretan pine martens.